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Empress Celene Mask (Dragon Age: The Masked Empire)

Buy masks here. 3D printed. White strong flexible plastic (painted).

This is not part of my ongoing Lumecluster Dreamer Mask series.

This Empress Celene mask is for all the Dragon Age fans out there. Please note that this mask is inspired by the cover of Dragon Age: The Masked Empire by Patrick Weekes. The design and pattern is drawn from my b&w doodles. I hope you like my interpretation of the mask 🙂

According to the Dragon Age: Inquisition wiki:
“Orlais is a nation where class and social politics frequently rule the day. As such, the concerns and lives of the various classes can differ greatly. Among the nobility a penchant for high fashion is common, often copied in other lands such as Nevarra and the Free Marches but always at its most extreme within Orlais. Both men and women wear cosmetics of various kinds, with subtle differences that indicate social standing. In public, they are also prone to wearing very elaborate masks. These are hereditary and identify one’s family almost as uniquely as the heraldry on a crest.”

Completed October 2014

Currently available only on my Shapeways shop.

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