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Dreamer Mask: Illumination (brass & patina)

Buy masks here. 3D printed. Material is white, strong, flexible. One is painted to look like antique brass while the other is patina on copper. See the original Dreamer Mask: Illumination here.

This was my very first 3D model and first attempt at 3D printing…now in color 🙂

The mask portrays the unpredictability of the creative and entrepreneurial Dreamer’s wonderlands. Its flowing asymmetry stands for the Dreamer’s questions, curiosities, and uncertainties just as much as their potential for discovering clarity and hope.

Overall, the mask aims to raise a discussion on how we choose to wear our dreams (or nightmares) at rest, work, play, and life. The design is originally derived from my fluidly chaotic black and white ink illustrations.

Painted version completed July 2015

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