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Dreamer Mask: Fighter (sculpture)

Buy masks here. 3D printed. WSF, silver & brass.

Dedicated to the makers, creators, entrepreneurs and dreamers of the world, this amulet/pendant (which can also display as a sculpture when not worn), represents the fighter in all of us. After all, each of our journeys toward that greater goal is always riddled with obstacles and nightmares. And if we want our ideas to live and thrive, we must battle courageously despite the fear. We must fight for the life of our ideas.

The pendant/sculpture was designed to look like a combination of a helmet (as seen in the “floating” design elements) and a shield. The flame-inspired mask is also designed to look like it is floating within its dream-like armor. Aesthetics applied on the design are drawn from my black and white doodles.

Completed June 2014

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