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Melissa Ng


March 4, 2013

Sometimes getting a little lost is the best way to find your true self.

March 4, 2013 | By | 18 Comments

Sometimes getting a little lost is the best way to…

…find your true self.

…discover new paths you would have otherwise missed if you stayed in one direction.

…stumble onto new ideas you would never have imagined.

…reignite your creative spark.

…realize that you’re meant to do something else, something bigger, something more.

…recognize what you really love or hate.

…understand what you’re truly capable of.

…face your deepest fears and insecurities.

Sure, getting lost can leave you feeling scared, sad, frustrated, confused, angry, and a countless number of other emotions that will make you feel like you’ve somehow failed in your journey.

But it can also be an eye-opening experience if you let it.

And if you do, your adventure will be much more exciting because of it. After all, amazing adventures don’t come to life by fleeing from what makes you afraid and uncomfortable.

They come to life when you choose to always stand up for yourself and what you believe in even when all seems lost.

And because you choose to carry on as the unrelenting hero, not the victim, of your own story.

What has getting lost taught you about yourself?

Sometimes getting a little lost is the best way to...find your true self.

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  1. That I didn’t like working for myself. That I wanted to put my weight behind a cause that wasn’t about me. I hate getting lost, but at the same time the lessons I learn from those wilderness days are epic, and great fodder for a writer. 😉

    • …and great emotional inspiration for an artist 😉

  2. Getting lost forced me to look inward, dig deep and find the old me. It reminded me of my passions, of the things I was naturally drawn toward as a kid, and helped me discover my next step in life 🙂 Wonderful post, Melissa. Such poignant words – thank you.

    • I know what you mean. Getting lost also helped me reconnect with my original love as a child–art. Hope to learn more about those passions of yours!

  3. Melissa, this perfectly describes how I came to be doing what I love now. True words!

    • I’m so happy it resonated with you. Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie <3

  4. I’m not one to really leave comments or critiques…but Thank you!!! this helped me so much I needed this inspiration/knowledge in my life. It’s only the beginning but it’s a great place to start, thank you once again.

    • Thank you, Janelle. Makes me smile to know that this has offered a little comfort! <3

  5. Govind

    Hi Melissa!
    We all sometimes feel lost on our ways (I guess). But not letting it get to ourselves in a way that demoralizes us and looking at it through another prism of context instead, is all we need to do to feel better.

    • You’re on top of the game. Thanks for shgnari.

  6. Agreed. Thanks, Govind!

  7. aji

    hi there melissa,

    an eye opening statement of yours ,,, couldn’t more agree with you…have to give more time for my self to get a little lost to find the true of me.

  8. allie

    I found that I am good stuff. Not perfect but genuine.

  9. Robert Sowell

    I happened upon this page while searching for lyrics to a Cocteau Twins song and it could not have been more needed. I’m really going through the worst period of my life and have been looking for the lessons. In the past 12 months I have lost everything–relationship, career, car, home…everything but my amazing dogs and I am grateful every day for that. Thanks for this page as it has made release the breath I didn’t even know I was holding in.

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