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Latest Work.

Marvel’s Ironheart

Read the blog post. This was commissioned by Marvel and it is also my own interpretation of parts of Ironheart’s armor so please do not ask me to give you my 3D files. Read More

Mana Potion Pendant

Buy the pendant here. Read the blog post. My good friend and talented jazz pianist, Elaine Kim, needs help in her battle against stage three cancer. So, I made a mana potion pendant to help raise funds. Read More

The 3D Printed Sovereign Armor

Blog post #1: The Making of the Medieval-inspired 3D printed women’s Sovereign Armor Blog post #2: The Sovereign Armor & Marisha Ray photoshoot The Sovereign Armor made in honor of the creatives out there who know how both incredibly empowering and lonely it is to be the ruler of your dreams and creations. See the video here. Read More

Dreamer Mask of Resilience Terrarium Pendant

Read the blog post. When your day just isn’t going the way you want it or you’re feeling like you’re falling farther and farther away from your goals, it’s easy to want to give up or lose hope. Read More

Latest Blog Posts.

2017 Year in review in photos: a special Sovereign Armor photoshoot

December 30, 2017 | Melissa Ng 2017 was a very emotional and challenging year full of high highs and very low lows. Sure, it was a wonderful year filled with amazing memories and achievements like:
  • finally earning enough to upgrade my workshop with 3D printers, vacuum form machine, and other equipment
  • making time to redesign my fantasy armor and mask shop offerings
  • diving deeper into bridging fantasy and functional costume armor design
  • creating multiple lightweight gauntlet prototypes with improved articulation
  • Adam Savage praising my armor and making my work go viral (which broke my site for nearly a week...)
  • having the freedom to select clients I want to work with
  • creating my interpretation of Ironheart's armor for a Marvel commission
  • finally having a stronger sense of self and meeting more like minded collaborators
Read More

Making my interpretation of Marvel’s Ironheart armor for cosplayer Lexi Momo

December 3, 2017 | Melissa Ng
This was commissioned by Marvel and it is also my own interpretation of parts of Ironheart's armor so please do not ask me to give you my 3D files. This is also a look into my process and NOT a how-to. Change. Some people avoid it while others are hungry for it. Change can either open doors or shut them. It means being uncomfortable or facing the unknown. Change is risky...but so is not changing.

Whether you love or hate change, there's no doubt that it brings new experiences.

We've seen fans love or hate artists for changing their style or trying new things. We've also seen fans remain supportive or complain when an artist has a lack of new creations. I feel lucky that my fans have been really supportive throughout Lumecluster's evolution. Even though change is always in my future (just not so drastic anymore), I'm still scared every time I branch out and explore. But my bigger fear as an artist is being pigeonholed and not enjoying my work anymore. Read More

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