Frequently asked questions & policies

Where can I learn more about you and your work?

Will your modular Descendants of the Dragon Armor Ring fit my fingers?

Please refer to the sizing chart at the bottom of the item page. You can also learn more about the modular argentium silver Descendants of the Dragon armor ring here.

How do I wear and care for my Descendants of the Dragon Armor Ring?

Visit this page to learn more about the many ways you can wear and care for your modular ring.

Do you take commissions?

I rarely take commissions nowadays unless it really interests me. I like to focus on making my own art and prefer not to make other people’s concepts.

Even so, you're welcome to fill out my custom commissions form here. PLEASE DO NOT use the contact form.

However, filling out the custom commissions form does not guarantee a response nor does it mean that I will accept the commission.

If you are looking to create an exact replica from a pre-existing IP (film, show, etc.), I suggest reaching out to a prop artist.

Why aren't my reflective face mask and gloves glowing as brightly like in your photos? Why aren't they sustaining a glow when I look at them?

Reflective fabric is not the same as fabric that glows in the dark. Reflective fabric is a retroreflective material, which means it appears to "glow" brightly when a light source hits the material at a small angle (in dimmer lighting). Visibility depends on the person's viewing angle when observing the fabric.

Flash in photos brings out the highly reflective visibility. The best example of where you see this kind of material most is in highly reflective traffic signs, high-visibility clothing (e.g. safety vests or construction vests).

Love the modular Phoenix Gauntlets! Where can I buy them? Or can I have custom made gauntlets with my idea?

I am on hiatus for this design and am returning to it in the future with an evolved version. Sign up for my Insider VIPs newsletter to be the first to hear about it with the new version. But you can still learn more about the Phoenix Gauntlet pre-order, what it took to create them & review the FAQ. These designs are limited and special order artwork only. Filling out the pre-order form(s) also does not guarantee you a slot. If you’re hoping to get a cheaply made prop or only buy mass produced products (and think within only mass produced prices), this is definitely not for you.

Unless the gauntlet design you have in mind is right up my alley, I usually will not take gauntlet commissions. I like to focus on making my own art and prefer not to make other people’s concepts. If you’re still interested in custom made gauntlets, please refer to the question above regarding custom.

Again, filling out this custom commissions form also does not guarantee a response or that I will accept the commission.You can also be the first to know about pre-order dates, limited specials, and design announcements by signing up on my free newsletter. These pre-order dates will not be announced on social media.

Where can I learn more about ancient Chinese art and history in English?

Ancient Chinese history is very old and extensive, which can make it pretty overwhelming to dive into. One decent place to at least get started is China Fetching.

Where can I learn more about European armor? Can you suggest some resources?

Here are some of my favorite resources that I like or started off with. Of course, there is a lot more out there but these are just some places to get started. If you have resource suggestions and think I should add them, please feel free to contact me! Please properly credit!

I can’t find a certain mask, armor, or jewelry piece in your shop. Can I still buy it?

If you saw a mask, armor or jewelry piece in my gallery but don’t see it in the shop, it’s probably because I no longer offer the design, it was only available for a limited time or it may being undergoing a redesign. However, if enough people ask for a certain design, I may consider doing a new and improved design in the future.

Can you give me your artwork or any component of your artwork for free? I really like it!

I only sell my artwork as completed pieces and do not sell any part of them separately. And for those who are asking for free things, what you are really asking me is to do (and give away) my hard work for free. I assume you work to make a living and would not like being asked to work for free. So, please do not expect me to work for free either.

Can you sell any unfinished parts of your artwork to me? I’d like parts of your creations to make something else I have in mind.

No. I only create finished pieces of artwork and jewelry. I do not sell or create for DIY. My designs are also intensely personal and are not meant to be used as spare parts.

I'd like to know if your armor can handle HEMA or other full contact sport. Can it handle a blow from a sword or axe? What’s the point if it can’t?

Then my artwork is not for you. If you are wondering what the point of having armor is if it can’t be used for combat, please understand that there are many types of armor enthusiasts and many have little to no interest in full contact sport where weapons are involved. There are plenty of folks who simply want to collect a piece of armor jewelry, wearable art or enjoy armor in different ways. Historically, there has been armor that mimicked or was inspired by fashion. For example, you can learn more about that in armor curator Tobias Capwell's lecture "Cloth of Steel." You can also read more about it in Fashion in Steel.

Can I rent your masks, armor, and other artwork?

No. I suggest either:

What processes, materials, tools, paints, programs etc. do you use to create your artwork and where can I get it? How can I do it?

I am often bombarded with questions asking for every detail on how I make things and what I use. I cannot answer these questions anymore because I learn and adapt new things frequently. While I do my best to share what I can and whenever I can in interviews about my work, my methods and materials are always evolving and I am constantly experimenting.

I am not a DIY or how-to site and never was. I love spending my time creating new artwork but I can’t do that if I’m stuck on email or social media all day 🙁

Can you tell me exactly how you made X?

Please re-read the question above. Lumecluster is not a DIY or how-to site. So, please do not expect to see step-by-step tutorials. This is also my own original artwork that is sold in my shop or are commissioned artwork, not replicas of pre-existing IP. If you want tutorials on how to make things, I suggest researching cosplay or prop making e-books instead.

What is your commissioned design terms & conditions and shop policy etc.?

You can view my entire custom design terms and conditions and shop policy here (also viewable at checkout).