Lumecluster Sovereign ArmorPhotography by Anshul Mathur. Model is Brianna Ashley Chin. Dress by Megan Dellario. Sovereign Armor by Lumecluster

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Channel your inner hero with Lumecluster’s sculptural, fashion & jewelry armor collections for justice.

Whether it’s a casual day or a formal event, you care about having that powerful presence the moment you walk in the room.

Perhaps you’re looking for that balance between feeling magical and stylish that will make heads turn in admiration, awe, and respect.

Or maybe you want something that makes you feel strong, empowered, and badass. I can help with that.

Lumecluster Melissa Ng


Hi, I’m Melissa Ng (she/they) and I make fashionable armor apparel, jewelry, and other wearable art to inspire your inner hero.

As a self taught artist with a background in media and public relations, plus my experience as an owner of two other small businesses, I’ve developed a unique understanding in knowing how to consistently create designs that are versatile, modular, awe-inspiring and so much more.

My creations range between high fantasy (see my Dreamer Regalia armor, Sovereign Armor or Dreamer Masks), armor jewelry, and fashion armor for your everyday life. My designs are deeply inspired by my love for historical armor research (especially 15th century German Gothic armor), organic patterns in nature, and ancient / modern day Chinese paintings, carvings, carved lacquer, ceramic, sculpture, and mythology.

I’ve been featured on sites like The Guardian (podcast interview), Tested (watch the video), Forbes, Insider, and more. You can even see me and some of my creations in virtual reality in Oculus VR.

Lumecluster Dreamer Armor


Why do I focus on dreams and armor?

I created Lumecluster to armor those who stand up for justice and inspire the hero within each of us to keep fighting the good fight. And maybe it’s also the native New Yorker in me that’s deeply aware of how symbolic this immensely diverse city is when it comes to the idea of fighting for your dreams and imagining new possibilities.

Whether it’s an intricate mask, armor, jewelry, or other wearable art, I hope my work can serve as a promise to bridge cultures and to create more connected communities that uplift everyone around us. Let’s keep passing the gauntlet to those who continue to fight to build brighter futures together. Visit my blog table of contents if you want more details and backstory behind my work.



Giving back with armor collections for justice. Visit the Lumecluster Shop.

We all deserve to fight for our dreams, but not all of us have the equal freedoms, resources or privileges to do so. With each purchase from the Sculptural, Fashion or Jewelry Armor Collections, you are contributing to the ongoing fight for liberation for all by uplifting our most marginalized communities, through our support of the Transgender Law Center. I will be adding more organizations in the future as the design collections grow.

“The Trans Agenda centers the lives and voices of trans people of color, who have too often had to advance our collective liberation from the margins. Trans justice is migrant justice, disability justice, racial justice, environmental justice, reproductive justice, economic justice, and gender justice. An agenda for trans liberation is a blueprint for liberation for all.” –Transgender Law Center

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Cord and Melissa wearing the Descendants of the Dragon Armor Ring
Cord (left) and Melissa Ng (Lumecluster) wearing the modular Descendants of the Dragon Armor Ring

Aidan and Inez wearing Descendants of the Dragon Armor Ring
Aidan (left) and Inez (right) wearing the modular Descendants of the Dragon Armor Ring

Lumecluster Phoenix Gauntlet Photoshoot

Actors / models (from left to right): Osric Chau, Manny Shih, Jessica Dru Johnson, Peter Sadrian, Yoshi Sudarso. Click here to see the Modular Phoenix Gauntlet fantasy and modern photoshoots. Photography by Yiaz Yang.

Lumecluster Phoenix GauntletsPhotography by Studio Sheridan’s art. Inez wearing Church of Sanctus dress, Fire Bird Fusion shawl, Ivy Design headdress, and Lumecluster Phoenix Gauntlets. MUA Eline Deblauwe.

Lumecluster Phoenix Gauntlet
Photography by Yiaz Yang. Adam Savage is wearing a LARGE SIZE Tier 3 Phoenix Gauntlet and a one size fits most gorget (neck armor).

Lumecluster Dreamer RegaliaLumecluster Dreamer Regalia

Lumecluster Sovereign ArmorLumecluster Sovereign Armor

Lumecluster reflective face mask and fingerless gloves
Melissa Ng (Lumecluster) wearing Reflective Phoenix face mask and fingerless gloves

Lumecluster Phoenix Gauntlet
Photography by Greg de Stefano with actor Aria Song wearing Tier 3 Phoenix Gauntlets. Stylist Sarah Kim and MUA Bailey Delong.

Lumecluster Phoenix Gauntlet
Photography by Yiaz Yang. Olivia Chiu wearing Dark Garden Corsetry, Fancy Fairy Wings & Things, and Lumecluster gauntlets (Tier 1-3), gorget, and diadem. She is wearing the diadem on the side of her hair and forehead.

Lumecluster Phoenix GauntletPhotography by Yiazyang — Models Jessica Dru and Bryan Forrest — Sovereign Armor by Lumecluster — Dress by Michelle Hebert — Location The Forrest Manor — Creative partners Lilly B. Haven and Creature of Habit