Photography by Anshul Mathur. Model is Brianna Ashley Chin. Dress by Megan Dellario. The Sovereign by Lumecluster

Dear Dreamers & Luminaries,

I bet there are days you feel trapped under the weight of your own dreams or fear getting lost along the way. No doubt, you've faced your fair share of struggles and encountered skeptics who scoffed at your ambitions. Although they may get you down, you continue to charge ahead. Every day, you push forward, driven by a relentless hope and a desire to leave a positive impact on the world. But amidst the hustle and bustle of life, you long for something to anchor you, to remind you of your power, resilience, triumphs, and why you fight the good fight. But when the going gets tough, it's easy to lose sight of yourself and become ensnared by your own doubts, drifting deeper into the darkness.


That's where Lumecluster comes in—a word that popped into my head one day back in 2012. You see, I was thinking about those luminous watch dials, the ones that light up in the dark, and how they're called "lume." But I was also thinking about the luminaries who shine bright in our lives, the ones we look up to, the ones we aspire to be like. So, I fused "lume" with "cluster" because I envisioned crafting uplifting art and jewelry for the cluster of luminaries—dreamers, visionaries, creatives, trailblazers, lifelong learners, etc.—whose light shines brightly in the world, despite the obstacles they will face.

Melissa Ng of Lumecluster wearing Descendents of the Dragon Armor Rings

I relate to your journey because I still go through it everyday myself. As a self-taught artist born and raised in the vibrant chaos of New York, I know what it's like to chase big dreams in a city bursting with them. I also know what it’s like to face ridicule for my artistic ambitions, deemed “useless” by those around me. Yet, I persisted, fueled not only by my own determination but also by the invaluable encouragement of the few who believed in me. And I know I’m blessed with having even a few cheerleaders in my life when others may have none.

Featured in sites like The Guardian, Tested with Adam Savage, Forbes, Insider, Oculus VR and more, my work strives to be more than pretty pieces of art and jewelry. I create designs for those who lead with empathy, seek to revolutionize and innovate, dare to dream big, and imagine a better world. My dreamlike creations, ranging from intricate fantasy designs to bold jewelry pieces, are dedicated to the beautiful dreamer and luminary within you.


Lumecluster Dreamer Resilience Pendant

My artistic journey began long before Lumecluster came to life. It traces back to my childhood, where I found myself captivated by the mesmerizing dance inside my mother's piano. This early fascination with the instrument's intricate design and craftsmanship ignited a deep interest in understanding functionality and reimagining beauty in design.

During my childhood and early teenage years, I was exposed to a wide variety of fantasy media that fueled my curiosity. These included captivating stories and adventures from various sources (film, TV shows, games, etc.), nurturing my desire to explore new realms of creativity and imagination. My Chinese heritage also had a profound impact on me, especially through timeless classics like "Journey to the West," watching Cantonese operas at my grandparents’ apartments, countless Wuxia films, and other historical fantasy Chinese films and shows I grew up enjoying with my parents and sisters.

Lumecluster Dreamer RegaliaLumecluster Dreamer Regalia

Immersed in tales brimming with heroes, deities, and epic adventures, I found myself collecting art history reference books and constantly being drawn to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. There, I indulged my thirst for knowledge and meaning, delving into the rich histories and craftsmanship behind the numerous Chinese artistic traditions, arms and armor, pianos and other exquisitely constructed inventions from all over the world. This blend of inspirations shaped my always evolving artistic vision at Lumecluster.

Lumecluster reflective face mask and fingerless glovesMelissa Ng (Lumecluster) wearing Reflective Phoenix face mask and fingerless gloves


Lumecluster Dreamer Revolutionary Mask

Each piece is a reflection of my journey, an homage to the stories and people that shaped me. We are all shaped by stories and experiences, putting together a personal mythology that guides us through life's twists and turns. As we grow and evolve, we collect more tales, more experiences, and move from admiring the luminaries in our lives to becoming the luminaries and heroes in other people's stories. It's a continuous cycle of inspiration and empowerment, as we pursue our dreams and strive to create a legacy full of hope and possibility.

Cord and Melissa wearing the Descendants of the Dragon Armor RingCord (left) and Melissa Ng (Lumecluster) wearing the modular Descendants of the Dragon Armor Ring

So, as you face the next chapter of your journey, I hope Lumecluster can be an encouraging light that reminds you of the power that resides within you, of the bundle of dreams that fuel your soul. For in the heart of every creation lies a promise—a promise to keep fighting, to keep dreaming, and to keep building a brighter future, together.

Aidan and Inez wearing Descendants of the Dragon Armor RingAidan (left) and Inez (right) wearing the modular Descendants of the Dragon Armor Ring

Visit my blog table of contents if you want more details and backstory behind my work.


Most of my creative endeavors for Lumecluster unfold within the walls of Pianoverse Studio, which is a private art studio I share with my sister, Fiona Ng. Here, we bring our creations to life while also crafting treasures for the piano lover. In our creative haven, we cherish the harmony of our diverse designs coexisting in one space, each piece adding its unique touch to the ambiance. It's where our passion for design and love for the piano intersect. You can learn more about Pianoverse Studio here.

Lumecluster Phoenix Gauntlet Photoshoot Actors / models (from left to right): Osric Chau, Manny Shih, Jessica Dru Johnson, Peter Sadrian, Yoshi Sudarso. Click here to see the Modular Phoenix Gauntlet fantasy and modern photoshoots. Photography by Yiaz Yang.
Lumecluster Phoenix GauntletPhotography by Yiaz Yang. Adam Savage is wearing a LARGE SIZE Tier 3 Phoenix Gauntlet and a one size fits most gorget (neck armor).
Lumecluster Phoenix GauntletPhotography by Greg de Stefano with actor Aria Song wearing Tier 3 Phoenix Gauntlets. Stylist Sarah Kim and MUA Bailey Delong.
Lumecluster Phoenix Gauntlet Photography by Yiazyang — Models Jessica Dru and Bryan Forrest — Sovereign Armor by Lumecluster — Dress by Michelle Hebert — Location The Forrest Manor — Creative partners Lilly B. Haven and Creature of Habit