Great treasures are never found in a rush.

Great treasures are never found in a rush.

Lumecluster Treasure

Maybe you think your treasure is achieving absolute clarity in purpose or finally realizing everything you've ever envisioned for your business, writing, art, etc.

Whatever it is, you'd like to have it all. Now.

Who doesn't? I mean, you're probably pretty tired and often frustrated with the seemingly endless work, sleepless nights, and constant fear of an uncertain future.

When you're stressed, sometimes you can't help but wish for everything (that you want in the moment) to just magically fall into your lap.

Sounds like it would be a dream come true...but it would really be unfortunate.

Because then you'd miss out on meeting all the people who might change your life and inspire you to scale to greater heights.

You'd miss out on feeling the mind-blowing revelations that happen whenever everything you think you know is turned upside down or put into a new perspective.

And in the face of overwhelming self-doubt, you'd miss out on the unexpected ways you'd surprise yourself with the strength and courage you never thought you had in you.

The list goes on and on. But the point is, you'd be giving up your greatest treasure:

Experiencing the joys and pains of life.

The treasure isn't just getting your hands on some end goal. It's the never ending journey full of endless encounters, limitless experiences, and priceless moments that build your character, potential, and future.

I don't know about you, but I know I'm in no rush to trade off my opportunities to experience life for some wish that might only satisfy my moment's frustrations.

...and Lumecluster is finally live! Yay!

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