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If you’re looking for
fantastical armor, masks,
jewelry or wearable art,
you’ve come to the right place.

As a creative on a mission to inspire, no doubt your brain is always firing away with ideas and hungry for something never before seen. After all, coming up with the next remarkable project is no easy task.

Perhaps you’re planning your next costume, photo shoot, show or event and you want to wear something magical (and durable) that will make everyone’s jaw drop.

Or maybe you want a fascinating one-of-a-kind piece that will draw envious gasps and stunned admiration. Whatever it is, you’re looking for something mesmerizing—something that is both beautiful to wear and to look at.

I can help with that.

Hi, I’m Melissa Ng [Eng] and I make intricate Dreamer Masks and fantasy wearable art for ambitious creatives who want to take people’s breath away.

Melissa NgWith a love for blending new and old processes and a knack for fantastical elegance, I have fun creating all kinds of fine complexities.

As a New York-based self-taught artist who started 3D printing in 2014, combined with a background in media and public relations, plus my experience as an owner of two other small businesses, I have an unconventional approach when it comes to creating art.

Within less than a year in the 3D printing arena, I won the Adobe & Shapeways 3D Printing Design Competition with my very first 3D print, I helped design the aesthetics on a gorgeous 3D printed prosthetic leg, and I created masks for a JiHAE music video starring The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus.

Since then, I’ve expanded beyond 3D printing (although it is still used in the design process) and have been featured on sites like The Guardian (podcast interview), Tech Insider, 3D Printing Industry, Forbes, TED Blog etc. Most recently, I designed the Dreamer Regalia armor for actor Felicia Day.

Dreamer Regalia Felicia Day

Actor Felicia Day wearing my Dreamer Regalia armor. Photography by Eric Anderson. Hair and makeup by Sabrina Cruz Castro.

In other words, I know how to craft inspiring pieces that grab people’s attention.

I’m here to help you amaze people by adding a little extra wonder into your own dreams. After all, imagination and dreams grow when they play with others, don’t you think?

Dreamer Masks (metallic)

Dreamer Masks Empower, Breakthrough, and Transformation.

What exactly is the Dreamer theme and style?

I created to be a place where Dreamers can find courage to push the boundaries of their imagination. Of course, doing so means fears and insecurities are often waiting around the corner to attack.

Whether it is a mask or other wearable art, the Dreamer theme serves as the creative’s armor against the nightmares that seek to tear us down and acts as a promise to continue to build dreams that inspire and uplift others.

The hand-drawn designs are a visualization of the dream’s beauty, spontaneity, fluidity, and chaos. At a glance the structure may seem delicate, but it’s actually quite strong and flexible.

Want to go behind-the-scenes or get something beautiful?

Check out my creative process or click here to sign up for my free updates where I share behind-the-scenes content on upcoming projects and Dreamer designs.

Or if you’re looking for some elegant masks, jewelry or other fantastical art to wear, drop by my shop.

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“The stunningly talented self-taught 3D artist has a unique style that is simultaneously elegant, delicate and bold, and it echoes throughout all of her amazing artwork”

“I am impressed and so grateful that I could contribute to her life and she could contribute to mine. That’s what art should be about.”
— Felicia Day, actress

“Your imagination and craft are inspiring, Melissa.”
— Adam Savage, Editor-in-Chief of

“3D printing is not exactly what makes this project so innovative and forward-thinking. It is using this method to imagine complex and meaningful convictions into a work of art… She is thorough, transparent, encouraging, and humanistic.”
— Geek & Sundry

“Get ready to feast your eyes and your creative soul…”

“Felicia Day models [Lumecluster’s] 3D-printed armor so beautifully it deserves a fashion show…It’s an impressive feat, and a huge testament to what we can accomplish with the right amount of drive and determination.”
— Hello Giggles

“Melissa’s 3D printed armor is being called ‘the future of cosplay’ with good reason- if cosplay artists are able to use 3D software to model elements of their costume, if not the entire costume, then print the whole thing out the future is now!”
— Neatorama

“Dreamer Masks are not only beautiful; they’re also the symbol of an empowering message…”
— Mother Nature Network

“It seems hard to believe that someone could create something so incredible and still feel so much doubt. But that’s why Ng’s story is so important for people to hear.”
— PopWrapped

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