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This table of contents is organized from newest to oldest blog posts. These blog titles offer an overview of how my artwork has evolved over the years, the challenges I went through, and managing my mental health. You can also view the blog with infinite scrolling (or go here to find the tags to filter your interests). You can also visit the gallery to see a more visual evolution.

2020 - Present | Designing fashionable armor apparel, jewelry, and other wearable art to inspire your inner hero

    New Descendants of the Dragon Armor Ring: A Promise to Build Bridges Together

    New Reflective Phoenix Face Masks, Gauntlet Fingerless Gloves & Pins

    2016 - 2019 | Building empowering, fantastical, and modern modular armor and jewelry

    Get special DesignerCon creations

    Modular Phoenix Arm Harness prototype closeup, stress testing & DesignerCon sneak peek

    Phoenix Gauntlet pre-order, what it took to create them & FAQ

    The Guardian Photoshoot Series (continued)

    2018 Year in Review: On almost giving up, finding community & owning my path (+ a Phoenix Gauntlet update)

    Modular Phoenix Gauntlets: Fantasy & Modern Fashion Photoshoots (Part 2 of 3)

    NEW Modular Phoenix Gauntlets Lets You Customize Your Look (Part 1 of 3)

    My interpretation of Edward Elric’s Automail arm from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    My interpretation of the Infinity Gauntlet from Avengers: Infinity War

    Making my interpretation of Hela’s headdress from Thor: Ragnarok

    2017 Year in review in photos: a special Sovereign Armor photoshoot

    Making my interpretation of Marvel’s Ironheart armor for cosplayer Lexi Momo

    2016 Year in Review: Growing pains + 2017 Phoenix armor sneak peek

    New mana potion pendant: fundraising for my friend with stage three cancer

    The 3D Printed Sovereign Armor / Marisha Ray photoshoot, shop update & what’s next? (Part 2 of 2)

    The Making of the Medieval-inspired 3D printed women’s Sovereign Armor (Part 1 of 2)

    New health potion pendant (+ how it could help heal a real human life)

    Felicia Day / 3D printed Dreamer Regalia armor photoshoot + battling impostor syndrome (Part 3 of 3)

    228 hours later, the 3D printed Dreamer Regalia Armor for actor Felicia Day is finished! (Part 2 of 3)

    2015 Year in Review: Finding Innovation in Solitude (+new jewelry designs)

    On lacking “proper artistic credentials” & 3D printing the Dreamer Regalia armor for actor Felicia Day (Part 1 of 3)

    2014 - 2015 | Making masks to protect myself from my insecurities

    How to keep creating in the face of overwhelming perfectionism and insecurity

    How to love the challenge + making masks for JiHAE’s music video starring Norman Reedus

    Silence your inner listening to it (+ The Dreamer Creed)

    Are you brave enough to be a Dreamer?

    Ever struggle to get the attention your business deserves? (quick event announcement)

    How to keep hope alive when your dreams are falling apart

    Believing in yourself when you feel like a fraud. . .plus a special event announcement

    2012 - 2013 | Ink doodle blog about the challenges of entrepreneurship

    Are you courageous?

    Give yourself the freedom to...

    Disempowering the dream crushers in your life

    A life beyond a fear of rejection

    (Un)limited Growth

    In New York? Love art, music, theatre? Join me at the WAT Gallery Show

    Breathing Room (+ Freedom)


    Uncertainty Bubbles

    Sometimes getting a little lost is the best way to...

    Great treasures are never found in a rush

    How to believe in yourself in the face of overwhelming self-doubt

    Happy holidays, resolutions, and perfectionism

    5 Ways an Introvert Can Build a Thriving Online Audience