New health potion pendant (+ how it could help heal a real human life)

New health potion pendant (+ how it could help heal a real human life)

Lumecluster Health Potion

UPDATE: this article was written in 2016 and the pendants are no longer needed as fundraising for my friend.

For those of you who play games, you know what health / mana potions are all about.

For those of you who aren't familiar, a health potion is an item an in-game character would drink if their hit points (or "health") falls too low after taking too much damage from an attack. Drinking a health potion would instantly restore a character's health.

But wish as we might, instantly healing magical health potions don't exist (yet)...and we heal quite a lot slower in real life. Which brings me to why I'm writing this post.

My dear friend, Rishi Gandhi, needs help to save his father's life from stage four lung cancer.

I've known Rishi ever since my college days. He was the goofy/tough guy (but really a big softy) who would geek out about games, shows, and making zombie movies with his members as the president of Fordham University's Contemporary Science Fiction (CSF) club.

Even after university, he would always make people laugh with his spot-on impressions or crazy stories. And whenever a friend was bullied, threatened, or hurt, he never hesitated to let them know he was there to support them.

So, it broke my heart when he shared the news about his father's (Jay Gandhi) stage four lung cancer. As you probably already guessed, the medical expenses are EXPENSIVE. But there's more to the story. Here it is in Rishi's words:

"My father grew up dreaming of moving to the United States, but was unable to see himself through the citizenship process. He was able to work hard, and send me to school in the United States from the age of 13. He worked hard to support me thousands of miles away.

While I was in school, he worked hard to also keep my ailing mother who suffers to this day from various illnesses. 

Today, I want to work hard for my father.

My father was recently diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, and I need all the help I can get to help deal with the medical expenses...

My father is the linchpin that held my family together during the tough times of my youth. I want to come through for him in his toughest time of need."

So, I made a health potion pendant to help raise funds for Rishi's father's medical expenses.  I will not be making a profit.

I designed the health potion pendant in the intricate Lumecluster style. Of course, what health potion would be complete without its little heart or "+" symbol?

The health potion pendant is available in colorful nylon colors ($15-$20), steel finishes ($38-$48) or final metal options like bronze, brass or silver ($68-$108).

Health potion pendants will be printed and shipped directly from 3D printing service giant, Shapeways. NOTE: pendant does not come with a necklace or cord.

Every health potion pendant sold could help provide support for the services that Rishi's father needs.

Lumecluster Health Potion

Sure, we may live in a world without magic or miraculous health potions. But that's okay because every bit of love and support has the potential to truly work wonders.

Whether or not you buy a pendant, I'd be so grateful if you could take a second to share this post and help spread the word to help my good friend.

As always, thank you for reading.

<3 Melissa

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