New mana potion pendant: fundraising for my friend with stage three cancer November 29, 2016 09:00

Lumecluster health and mana potion pendants

UPDATE: this article was written in 2016 and the pendants are no longer needed as fundraising for my friend.

First, welcome to the newcomers to my site. Some of you may be dropping by because you heard about this through the other company I co-own or maybe you found your way here through social media.

So, who am I? My name is Melissa Ng and I'm a 3D printing artist and I make intricate dreamer masks, armor, and fantasy wearable art. I've worked on projects like making masks for a JiHAE music video starring The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus to creating the Dreamer Regalia armor for actor Felicia Day. I’ve also been featured on sites like Business Insider, Tech Insider, 3D Printing Industry, Geek & Sundry, Forbes, TED Blog etc.

Last time, I shared the health potion pendant that I created to help raise funds for my friend's father who had stage four cancer. An enormous thank you to everyone who bought the health potion pendant or helped spread the word. But now, I'm sad to say that cancer has struck another friend of mine.

This time, I created the mana potion pendant to help raise funds for my friend and talented jazz pianist, Elaine Hyojin Kim.

I will NOT be making a profit.

Unlike the health potion, which restores an in-game character's health, the mana potion restores an in-game character's energy and power.

Elaine's power and love happens to be her music. It's what gives her life, joy, and happiness...

Lumecluster mana potion pendant

But on May 2016, Elaine was diagnosed with stage three cancer...a rare cancer called multiple myeloma.

Pianist Elaine Kim

Jazz pianist Elaine Hyojin Kim

The American Cancer Society explains that "multiple myeloma is a cancer formed by malignant plasma cells. Normal plasma cells are found in the bone marrow and are an important part of the immune system."

Since the diagnosis, Elaine has been undergoing intensive chemotherapy, stem cell harvesting and stem cell transplants, which have left her feeling weak, tired, and debilitated.

As a result, Elaine has also been unable to play the piano, which is heartbreaking because music is the love of her life.

As some of you may know, Elaine is both a beloved friend and a cherished member in my life and the community. For me and countless others, Elaine was like a bard who was always uplifting everyone around her with her music.

It's wonderful that she's getting the medical attention she needs here in NY, but medical costs and surviving in NYC is ridiculously difficult and expensive. With this kind of heavy weight on her shoulders, reclaiming her music and her life is only becoming an increasingly strenuous challenge.

So, I made this mana potion pendant to ask for your help in raising funds for Elaine. Again, I will not be making a profit.

Like the heart in the health potion pendant, the mana potion pendant has a star floating in the center. The slightly embossed pattern was designed to look like waves of magical energy.

Lumecluster mana potion pendant

Mana potion pendants will be printed and shipped directly from 3D printing service company, Shapeways. Pendant does not come with a necklace or cord.

Lumecluster mana potion pendant

It'll also be Elaine's birthday on December 22....

So, whether you purchase a pendant, share this post to help spread the word or if you want to share some of your own music, any good vibes to send her way would be a wonderful birthday gift!

Let's help her restore some of the hope and energy she needs to reclaim her musical power. Thank you for helping us spread some music, magic, and love.

Happy Holidays!

<3 Melissa

P.S. Been working hard to perfect my new mask/gauntlet designs. Stay tuned :)

Lumecluster gauntlet and mana potion pendant