Uncertainty Bubbles July 7, 2013 08:00

Lumecluster uncertainty bubbles

When you’re getting into or doing something new, different, or scary, there’s no doubt that the uncertainty can feel uncomfortable…maybe even unbearable.
Uncertainty can turn everything you thought you knew completely upside down and make you doubt your every thought and move. Hang around with uncertainty too long and you might never take action. It’s often partnered with those nerve wracking question you’re all too familiar with:
“Did I make the right choice? Should I do this? Should I have done things differently?”
At the same time, uncertainty can sometimes bubble up new questions, insights, ideas, and perspectives. Looking back, I know it has for me, although I didn't think so at the time. For instance...
Considering a Lumecluster website redesign after only just launching in February riddled me with anxious uncertainty.
At first, I thought it was just my perfectionist tendencies kicking in again. I know I usually over analyze, second guess, and pretty much waste an unnecessary amount of mental energy only to come back to my same old, original conclusions.
Only this time, I didn't.
In fact, no matter how many ways I went about it, I just felt like Lumecluster was wearing all the wrong clothes. Clothes that I put on only because it's what I saw so many of my peers wearing. Clothes I figured I could just get used to.
But it nagged at me because I knew it didn't highlight my best—my illustrations.
I let this drag on for a good (awful) three months. This probably sounds silly, but I felt strangely lost and angry with my website. I didn't even want to look at it.
I didn't even want to draw.
Losing touch with my love for drawing was a stab to the heart I couldn’t bear. Thankfully, this unsettling thought was just enough to get me moving again and really clear my mental clutter.

Now that Lumecluster is looking like a happier place, you've got a much happier Melissa...and hopefully better art.