Disempowering the dream crushers in your life.

Disempowering the dream crushers in your life.

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It's safer not to take any risks.

You'll only succeed if you have a lot of investors.

You should wait until you have a better idea that can go viral.

You don't have enough experience to launch or build a business.

Wait until you're really ready to share your ideas or else someone will steal it.

Leave it to the "real professionals" to change the world.

Try to be more realistic about your dreams.

Stop dreaming and wake up to reality.

I just don't think you'll ever get the business off the ground.

Dream crushers. I bet we all have at least one in our life (not including your own nasty inner critic).

Maybe it's a family member, loved one or a good friend. Hearing these kinds of comments can be shocking and even crippling to the work you do. But let's be honest...their words say more about their own fears and insecurities than they do about you and your abilities.

Perhaps it's their own lack of self-confidence or an underlying fear of looking at where they are in their own life. Or maybe they experienced their own failed business(es). Or they may truly believe they're protecting you and just don't know a better way to express their concerns.

It's not like they want you to fail or mean to intentionally tear you down (unless they're spiteful like that...). Believe it or not, they probably think they're being supportive.

But most of the time, it's just that they have no idea how it's possible to succeed in what you're doing. And all they can do is offer whatever might be some relevant knowledge or stories/lessons, view you through that lens, and offer their "advice" in the best way that they can.

But you know what? In the end, you're not really looking for their advice.

What you're looking for is support, empathy, and understanding, right?

Chances are you probably need to look elsewhere and seek out those who have been through what you're going through or are pursuing similar goals. Finding appropriate mentors, checking out conferences, and joining online communities can be an amazing remedy against dream crushers.

So keep dreaming bigger dreams, take action through daily baby steps, meet new and inspiring people, ask questions, research, experiment, and make mistakes. Most importantly, keep launching your ideas out to those who care about the work you (must) do. Because they're the ones that really matter, aren't they?

Now, get down to business. <3

What have the dream crushers in your life said to you? What did you do about it?

P.S. I've been experimenting with some fun, new, creative projects. Can't wait to share the progress! And in case you missed last week's post about rising above the fear of rejection, you can check it out here.

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