NEW Modular Phoenix Gauntlets Lets You Customize Your Look (Part 1 of 2) December 2, 2018 08:00

Lumecluster Phoenix Gauntlets


Please click here instead to learn about the Phoenix Gauntlets (tiers 1-4) and FAQ.

What this blog post covers:

It’s hard to stand out and grab people’s attention. To be unforgettable.

You want your work to be captivating and awe inspiring. Or you hope that what you do will make people stop in their tracks in stunned admiration and wonder. It would even be enough to simply hear people say, “Wow.”

Anyone who says otherwise is either lying to you or they haven’t felt the pressure and frustrations that come along with trying to make your mark. And those same people are also the ones who easily remind you to “work smarter, not harder.” But as annoying as that is…they’re not wrong.

Over the past two years, I’ve been all about finding a way to work smarter when it comes to designing wearable art that will make people’s jaws drop when they look at you or see it on display. The great news is I think I’ve finally captured a piece of that.

And if you’re a creative that’s looking for something awesome to add to your wardrobe or collection, I hope that what I’ve created can make your job a little bit easier too.

With multiple looks in one, the modular Phoenix Gauntlet is here to feed your costume or modern fashion / styling needs (not for combat use).

The first time I tried to make something modular was my Sovereign Armor. Yep, people forget that this can be worn in multiple ways :P. After my Sovereign gauntlets went viral (they were the first gauntlets I ever made), it inspired me to take a deeper dive.

The modular Phoenix Gauntlet is the first step in Lumecluster’s rebirth I suppose. I still do plenty of 3D printing (mostly for prototyping) and will always make masks, but I’m just focusing in on the picture more clearly now.

Lumecluster Phoenix Gauntlets
Preview of how the Phoenix Gauntlet can be taken apart and offer more styling options. More on this below.

Like how we want to get the most use out of our clothes, I want people to be able to get more out of a single armor component (and more sizes!!!) and broaden the horizons for its use. I want to help spur more creativity, which is why the Phoenix Gauntlet can transform into several styles to help you customize your overall look.

Lumecluster Phoenix Gauntlet
Early prototyping stages of the Phoenix Gauntlet S/M/L size options. 3D printed on the Form 2 using durable resin.

Plus, the Phoenix Gauntlet design actually draws from 15th century gothic gauntlet research and assembly. So, why does the research matter?

“Fantasy armor need not sacrifice its aesthetic to be functional and grounded in a fundamental understanding of historical armor.” — Ian LaSpina aka Knyght Errant

As Ian LaSpina (aka Knyght Errant) once said to me (and I’m paraphrasing), the reason why my fantasy Sovereign Armor looks good in our eyes and makes sense is because it’s grounded in history. And more informed design offers better suspension of disbelief and immersive experience, which is what we want, isn’t it? I’m a big fan of learning how something works before figuring out how to change it for my own applications…no point (or time) in trying to reinvent the wheel when all the research is out there.

Lumecluster Phoenix Gauntlet
Lumecluster Phoenix Gauntlet plates ready for assembly.

Since 2016, a lot has gone into bringing the Phoenix Gauntlets to life and developing my angle on fashionable and modular gauntlets that still respect the historical research it draws from:

  • The most time was spent on researching 15th century gauntlets (with the help of arms and armor educator Ian LaSpina (aka Knyght Errant)
  • Hundreds of hours have gone into prototyping on my Form 2 and Taz 6 3D printers
  • Had to go through multiple redesigns of my gauntlet 3D models countless times
  • Hoarded way too many potential gauntlet glove styles
  • Made more molds than I would have ever liked. Even 3D printed support jackets on my Taz 6 to speed up the mold making process since there were so many gauntlet parts)
    •  And if you’re curious about the 3D printed mold support jackets, I talk a tiny bit about it in Adam Savage’s Still Untitled podcast. In summary, the support jackets had a wall thickness of 2.5mm and were modeled in a way to help me save time and money on mold making and silicone usage.
  • So many color tests!!!
  • Experimented with lots of casting materials
  • The enormous amount of trial and error that went into determining the small / medium / large gauntlet size options and proportions
  • Assembled many pairs of gauntlets and put them through stress tests


Here is the list of gauntlet features (this is only a preview and not a complete list):

1.) Extra flexible for added comfort (and it retains its shape)

Looks like metal plates, but behaves more like a leather glove. And if you wanted to wear the gauntlets all the time (like to dinner and to bed) you could absolutely get away with it :P. You’ll look great and still feel comfortable.

2.) Fully articulated and pliable design

The extra flexibility that it offers does not sacrifice the beauty of articulated design. Whether or not you have above average hand and finger flexibility, you will have a comfortable range of motion and easy movement

3.) Easily install or remove LEDs

Simple fairy LEDs are all you need to light them up. No need for gluing or soldering.

4.) Extremely lightweight

They won’t weigh you down when you’re wearing them or carrying them in your bag or luggage.

5.) Conforms to the shape of most hands

Hands are incredibly diverse in size / shape and are one of the most complicated parts of our body with its many articulation points. Since these gauntlets are made of a flexible material, they will conform to the unique shape of most hands and create a fitted look. But if you want a perfect fit, custom made is the way to go.

6.) Small / medium / large sizes fit most hands and finger lengths

If you have slimmer or smaller hands, you finally have more choices. You no longer have to settle for the often huge and clunky “one size fits all” option. The fingers are also well proportioned and flexible, allowing you to make a fist or extend your fingers with ease. Again, if you want a perfect fit, you would need it to be custom made.

7.) Easy to travel with and pack in small spaces

Don’t have much space in your bag or luggage? Since these are flexible and have detachable parts, they can flatten and squeeze into tight spaces so you can have room to pack more.

8.) Modular design lets you customize your look

Whether it’s for costume or modern day fashion, you’ll have multiple looks available all in one gauntlet. Have the freedom to be more creative when styling different looks. Here are some examples:

Lumecluster Phoenix Gauntlet
Get fantasy, cyborg, chic or dapper vibes. Be creative.

9.) Colorways and custom colors

From metallics to iridescent colors, you’ll have the freedom to match your unique style.

Lumecluster Phoenix Gauntlet

10.) They’re pretty sturdy

The gauntlets retain their shape, rivets, and articulation even after many squashing tests

11.) A wearable piece of art that also looks great on display

With its aesthetically pleasing proportions, they are eye catchingly beautiful even when they are not being worn and bound to receive a lot of compliments. Plus, they’ll never rust!

Lumecluster Phoenix Gauntlets
Photo by Mark Dubeau

So, what are the options (tentative)? Well, you can either get the full gauntlet sets (with swappable gauntlet cuffs) or pick just the parts of the gauntlet you want. EDIT: the offerings have slightly altered based on the high volume of pre-order questionnaire requests and responses. Please read the latest blog post for the Phoenix Gauntlet (tiers 1-4) overview.

You can see the versatility of these gauntlets with fantasy or modern fashion in my part 2 blog post

You will have the option to choose full gauntlet sets:

Lumecluster Phoenix Gauntlets
A full pair of gauntlets with BOTH the gothic-inspired and fantasy style cuffs. These are swappable cuffs so you can switch up your look.

Lumecluster Phoenix Gauntlets
A full pair of gauntlets with the GOTHIC-INSPIRED cuff style only. Gauntlet cuff is detachable.

Lumecluster Phoenix Gauntlets
A full pair of gauntlets with the FANTASY cuff style only. Gauntlet cuff is detachable.


Or choose PARTS of the gauntlet (if you do not want the full set):

Lumecluster Phoenix Gauntlets
Gothic-inspired gauntlet cuff style only

Lumecluster Phoenix Gauntlets
Fantasy gauntlet cuff style only

Lumecluster Phoenix Gauntlets
A pair of gauntlets WITHOUT any cuff styles (comes with cuff links)

If you liked this, then it would be great if you could fill out this pre-order questionnaire. Here, you’ll get to express your color interests, see pricing options, submit questions, etc.


The more responses I get, the faster I’ll be able to open this up for pre-order (beginning of 2019). So, please share this article with friends if you think they’ll like this too! This does not guarantee a spot or lock you into the actual pre-order in 2019.


Next, check out the PART 2 blog post, which highlights fantasy / modern fashion photoshoots PLUS you get to see other colors! You’ll also be able to see some of the images on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

<3 Melissa

Lumecluster Phoenix Gauntlets photoshoot
Some behind-the-scenes teaser images for my Part 2 blog post. In these images are Osric Chau, Manny Shih, Yoshi Sudarso, Peter Sudarso, Jessica Dru Johnson.