Nightmare Mask: Fear

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15.45 x 8.8 x 23.43 cm


  • Made-to-order
  • Primarily an intricate piece of displayable art
  • Also a wearable mask that will fit some face sizes / shapes (please check dimensions above)
  • Comes with a black mask stand
  • Made in New York


We all deserve to fight for our dreams, but not all of us have the equal freedoms, resources or privileges to do so. With each purchase from the Sculptural Armor Collection, you are contributing to the ongoing fight for liberation for all by uplifting our most marginalized communities, through our support of the Transgender Law Center.

This is my second mask in my Dreamer/Nightmare mask series. This one was designed to represent the fear that can consume us in our nightmares and our waking life. The outer layer of the mask is raised 4.5 mm away from the inner mask to produce gentle/eerie shadow. Design is derived from my black and white illustrations on It is both a wearable piece of art and a great sculptural display when under natural lighting or backlit.

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