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Descendants of the Dragon Armor Ring (2-part) in Brass

Descendants of the Dragon Armor Ring (2-part) in Brass

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    • Made in New York City
    • Learn about the design's full backstory
    • See movement and articulation demo here and here
    • Sizing chart at the bottom of the page
      • Adjustable US sizes 3, 5, 7, 9, 11
      • The ring length is slightly adjustable
    • The price is for a SINGLE (1) Descendants of the Dragon Armor Ring (2-part)
      • See first image
      • The two parts include one (1) knuckle armor ring and one (1) middle articulated armor ring
        • The middle articulated armor ring slides over the knuckle armor ring and can be worn together or separately
        • See second image
    • Modular design allows you to customize your look
      • See second image for some style ideas
    • For fully armored fingers:
      • Choose the 3-part ring for your index, middle, ring, and pinky finger (in brass or argentium)
      • Choose the 2-part ring for your thumb (in brass or argentium)
    • Metal:
      • Brass
      • Other precious metals available upon request
    • Made-to-order
      • This is a new design launch so estimated production time is 3-4 weeks or more
      • Production time is separate from shipping time
      • Production times may shorten in the future
    • Currently shipping only within the US
      • Shipped via USPS, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, please expect unexpected delays
    • How to wear and care for your jewelry
    • Shop Policy



    As an American born Chinese, I created the "Descendants of the Dragon Armor Ring" as a nod to my Chinese heritage, to honor my best friends who are the biggest heroes and fighters in my life, and to call on people to find their inner dragon (and the good dragon within others) to build stronger bridges together. Please read the full backstory and research HERE.


    Please understand that the fit will vary since our hands are all very different. If you're looking for a perfect fit for your fingers, you will need to request custom made rings, which will be a different cost.

    When determining your size, keep in mind that your finger size can expand and shrink due to temperature change, eating certain foods, and doing certain activities with your hands. When it comes to temperature change, your fingers are typically bigger in the morning or when you're hot. On the other hand, your fingers shrink when you are cold. So be sure to measure your ring size in a few situations to help you pick your size.

    How to measure your finger to pick the right armor ring (2-part):

    1. Look at the ring lengths below and look for the length on your measuring tape
    2. Starting at the base of your finger, place the measuring tape with the ring length (from the chart below) on the top or the side of your finger
      1. It may help to place a plain ring or elastic on the base of your finger to help guide you

    : My index finger is usually a "US 6." But when it's cold, my index finger can drop to a "US 5." And when it's hot or my fingers are swollen my index finger can go up to a "US 7." I prefer a US 7 because it gives me just a little more room to flex my finger joints, and I'd rather tighten it to a smaller size rather than expand the ring bands too much. Above, you can see that both my index and middle finger fit a "US 7" 3-part armor ring and are adjusted to the shortest ring length (on my index finger) and the longest ring length (on my middle finger).

     US Ring Size (adjustable)
    Adjustability Range

    Ring length (adjustable)

    Start measuring at the BASE of your finger (see image example above)

    US 3 US 2-4 adjustability

    38mm (shortest ring length)
    41mm (longest ring length)

    US 5 US 4-6 adjustability

    41mm (shortest ring length)
    45mm (longest ring length)

    US 7 US 6-8 adjustability

    47mm (shortest ring length)
    51mm (longest ring length)

    US 9 US 8-10 adjustability

    50mm (shortest ring length)
    55mm (longest ring length)

    US 11 US 10-12 adjustability

    54mm (shortest ring length)
    60mm (longest ring length)

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