Marvel Becoming: Ironheart (not for sale)

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    This was commissioned by Marvel and it is also my own interpretation of parts of Ironheart’s armor.

    The idea was to show Riri Williams aka Ironheart in her early build stages, which is why you only see a few armor components (helmet, gauntlets, arc reactor).

    The team behind Ironheart’s Marvel Becoming episode:

    • Director: Jason Latorre
    • Producer: Judy Stephens
    • Cosplayer: Lexi Momo
    • Outfit: Lexi Momo
    • Armor components: Melissa Ng (Lumecluster)
    • Makeup: Lynn Leary
    • PA: Chad Kofahl
    • PA: Julia Zitzmann
    • Studio Manager: Tara Latorre

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