Natasha Hope Simpson Prosthetic Leg Collab (not for sale)

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    My Illumination Dreamer Mask design applied on Natasha Hope Simpson’s prosthetic leg.

    While it began with Gregor Ash of NSCAD and Kendall Joudrie and Jourdan Dakov of Thinking Robot Studios, Mike Fanning of NovaCad (3D Systems reseller) offered to print the prototype using the 3D Systems Boston service. Ian Weir, Department of National Defense, along with Paul Ragot performed a laser scan of her good leg to capture her symmetry. Bob Garrish of Spring Loaded Technology performed a white light scan to aid in design. Finally, Kendall Joudrie and Jourdan Dakov of Thinking Robot Studios consulted with Natasha and engineered a stable prototype. The only thing that was left was aesthetics and there was very little time left before the Halifax Maker Symposium.

    Natasha had lots of ideas, but no time. However, she noticed my Dreamer/Nightmare masks on and instantly fell in love with them. And so, Kendall Joudrie contacted me immediately. Needless to say, I was deeply moved by her story and was happy to donate my design to the project.

    Prosthetic photos by Eliot Wright.

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