Custom Commissions

Please read everything before filling out the form

I will only respond to commissions I can accommodate into my schedule.

Please remember that I create original designs. Filling out this custom commissions form also does not guarantee a response or that I will accept the commission.

If you’re interested in having your own one-of-a-kind custom jewelry piece or a piece of fantastical wearable art, please read the following sections carefully. If you’re looking for intricate masks, fashion armor, or jewelry, you can also visit the Lumecluster shop and gallery.

If you’re interested in a gauntlet design, please first review the article about the Phoenix Gauntlets (tiers 1-4) pre-order and the FAQ before filling out the form.

If you want an exact replica of something from a pre-existing IP (film, show, etc.), I suggest reaching out to a prop artist.

About the design process

My original designs are often a mixture of processes, scale, and complexity and can sometimes take weeks to months. For example, click here to learn about how much labor can go into a single piece.

The cost of a finished design depends on several factors:

IMPORTANT: My focus is mainly on versatile wearable art. And while my designs are fairly sturdy, they are not intended for combat (go to a traditional armorsmith for this). Please understand that there are also many types of armor enthusiasts that may have little to no interest in combat armor.

  • Original design – I am not a replica artist or prop maker and I will not copy other artists’ work. While I might make the very rare exception to design an interpretation of something from pre-existing IP in my Lumecluster style, I will usually focus only on creating my own designs.
  • Detail, complexity & components – The amount of work involved will depend on the functionality, intricate design, sculpted details, patterns, layers, lighting or moving parts etc.
  • Number of components and scale – The more mechanical components and pieces involved, the more prototyping work it will require. Likewise, the larger the project, the more time, labor, and resources it will consume.
  • Material type and finishing – There are many materials and finishes that have various qualities and serve different purposes. The more requirements and requests for the material’s capabilities or requesting a variety of materials / aesthetics in the artwork (i.e. extremely high durability, flexibility, abrasion resistance, plating etc.) the greater the cost.
  • Purpose – For example, a piece that is expected to hold up well after a lot of handling (e.g. in a performance) or a piece that is being made for display in a collection can both be costly in different ways because they require careful design and material selection to ensure longevity.
  • Additional elements – Lighting, plating, different finishes, gems, complicated gem setting, enameling, lining, etc. all add to labor in finishing an artwork.
  • Custom fitting – If the client wants a design that is perfectly custom fitted to their face or body, it would be ideal if the client already has their own clean 3D scan and/or exact measurements. If you do not have your own 3D scan, you can get a 3D scanning service to do it for you or you can Google search some free tools and follow their instructions. Custom fitted designs will require extra prototyping / sample making costs to ensure fit. The other option is to choose within pre-existing Lumecluster sizes.

Photography by Yiaz Yang. Models Jessica Dru Johnson and Bryan Forrest. The armor I made is only on Jessica.


Actors / models (from left to right): Osric Chau, Manny Shih, Jessica Dru Johnson, Peter Sadrian, Yoshi Sudarso are wearing modular Phoenix Gauntlets. Photography by Yiaz Yang.

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  5. What kind of creation are you interested in? Include at least 2-3 links from my gallery or shop for reference + any additional resources.
  6. What's the design's purpose? (e.g. for a photoshoot, music video, performance, gala, collection etc.)
  7. Due date?
  8. How did you learn about Lumecluster?

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