Phoenix Gauntlet (Tier 2 - Masterwork)

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We all deserve to fight for our dreams, but not all of us have the equal freedoms, resources or privileges to do so. With each purchase from the Fashion Armor Collection, you are contributing to the ongoing fight for liberation for all by uplifting our most marginalized communities, through our support of the Transgender Law Center.


The Phoenix glove and fingerless versions offer the most options for those who lean towards fantasy, traditional, or something right in the middle. Pick the version that works best for you! These are NOT interchangeable plates.

  • Version 1: Fantasy details on the metacarpel (back of the hand) and wrist
  • Version 2: Fantasy details on the metacarpel (back of the hand) only
  • Version 3: Fantasy details on the wrist only
  • Version 4: Traditional gothic style (no fantasy details)
  • Comes with a pair of cuff links but does not come with gauntlet cuffs
Gauntlet cuffs can be pre-ordered separately if you wish to make a completed gauntlet pair in the future. Version 4 will easily match with current and future gauntlet cuff designs.


The Phoenix Gauntlets are forged from the ash remains of the magical Phoenix itself. Each gauntlet is quite rare since it is only possible to obtain a small quantity of ashes every 500 years.

In order to craft these ashes into armor, they sense the will of the future wearer and are capable of being reborn into various styles and vibrant magical colors (see tier 1, tier 3) that provides the wearer with the power to inspire people with awe and wonder. But in order for them to retain their shape, they must be magically sealed lest they also combust into Phoenix flames!

Unlike other enchanted gauntlets, these can potentially fit like a second skin and can be worn by nearly every class, but are favored by creative craftspeople and artists of all levels.


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